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Arvonlisävero nousee Suomessa 1.1.2013

Lisätty 06.10.2011

Arvonlisävero nousee Suomessa 1.1.2013. Arvonlisäverokannat nousevat prosenttiyksiköllä. Yleinen arvonlisäverokanta nousee 23 prosentista 24 prosenttiin, alennettu 13 prosentin verokanta nousee 14 prosenttiin sekä alennettu 9 prosentin verokanta nousee 10 prosenttiin.

Alfiina Group Oy - Financial Management Services

Alfiina Group Oy offers financial management services for the small and medium enteprises, societies and the housing cooperatives.

Our main services are:

- Accounting

- Calculation of Salaries

- Business and Tax Consulting.


We promise friendly and personal service to our every customer.


Fledging entrepreuners are also warmly wlcomed. We can help in any details of building-up of new enterprise.


We also offer accounting service for companies with undone bookkeeping.


Alfiina Group Oy office is located in Espoo, Otaniemi.




Phone (in English): 044 2394 004